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Paddle Care & MaintenanceUpdated 2 years ago

Don't forget to take care of your paddle

Just like your board, it needs to be taken care of too. Here are some tips to ensure your paddle will last longer just like your board.

1. Rinse After Use - Sun, sand, and saltwater will degrade any man-made material over time. Rinse off sand and salt water deposits from your paddle with fresh water.

2. Avoid Sunlight - Do your best to keep your paddle out of direct sunlight when not in use. You can store it in the bag that comes with your paddle 😉.

3. Transporting Your Paddle - The number one way paddles are broken is during transport. While not in use disassemble your paddle and avoid placing a heavy load on top of your paddle.

4. Paddles Are Built For Paddling - This sounds obvious but do not use your paddle to push off from the shore or slow yourself down by using the paddle as a brake on the dock. 

By doing these simple tips you can ensure the longevity of your paddle and enjoy more time in the water! 

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