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FinsUpdated a year ago

What happens if I lost or broke my fin? How could I replace it or where can I find one? No need to fret you can always replace your fin. You just need to know what fin system your board has. Here is a guide on what fin system every Honu board has.

Board Name
Fin System
Airlie 8'6
Universal 4.6" Keel Fin
Bondi 9'3
FCS II 9" Centre + Honeycomb side fins
Byron 9'8
Universal 9" Air-7 Dolphin Fin
Byron 10'6
Universal 9" Air-7 Dolphin Fin
Fairlight 10'9
Universal 9" Air-7 Dolphin Fin
Seaton 10'8
Two-Tab universal - 7" Dolphin ClickFins
Sorrento 12'6
Universal 9" Air-7 Touring Fin

Aside from replacing your fins, Have you wondered why some boards have 1 fin? or 3? To know more about the different fin setups, you can also read about the types of fin setups in our journal to know what and how the fin setup can affect your paddleboarding experience. Read More.

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