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e-PumpUpdated 6 months ago

Honu pump features a light and powerful two stage electric pump for quick and powerful inflation of paddleboards up to 22PSI.

1.) Turn on the Honu e-Pump device

2.) Set your desired pressure which can be anything up to 22 PSI

3.) Press start

That's it! The powerful two stage pump does the rest and automatically stops when ready. 

Note: e-pump requires a 12 volt power source which is readily available in most vehicles.

Not only that it pumps air into your board! You can also use the e-pump in deflating your board! Just switch the hose to the deflation port and and switch on to remove air from your board faster! 

So whether you are going to inflate or deflate your board. Our HONU e-pump is the best tool for you! Hope to see you in the waters! 😉 

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