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BackpackUpdated 2 years ago

The design philosophy behind the Honu iSUP bag was much like our paddleboards. Utilize the best materials available and craft them into a sleek and minimalist design. The pared-back design demanded that we left off the waste straps often included. We did this because they often drag along the ground or trip you over when wheeling your bag. Sure, we admit that if you are going on a 3Hr hike with your board, this would be a nice feature, but most trips are measured in minutes, not miles, so we left it off. 

The material is 1680D ripstop nylon, which is extremely durable and repairable. One of the first things you will notice when you put the bag on your back is how wide the shoulder pads, straps, and buckles are. Everything is over-engineered. 

The Honu paddleboard bag is an all-purpose bag that will fit iSUPs up to 33" wide and is a great upgrade for those looking for a reliable travel bag. 

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